KARA & Doraemon

just because it pisses me off everytime i see people say KARA could only sell in Japan and NEVER did well in Korea…

KARA’s top 3 best selling KOREAN albums:

  1. STEP (2011) - 126,000+ copies
  2. Revolution (2009) - 117,000+ copies
  3. Lupin (2010/mini album) - 104,000+ copies

KARA’s top 3 best selling KOREAN singles:

  1. Mr (2010) - 3,112,000+ downloads
  2. Lupin (2010) - 2,977,898+ downloads
  3. STEP (2011) - 2,667,484+ downloads

I don’t care what you think about KARA’s current popularity. But don’t you dare to say that they’ve always been flops and and unpopular in Korea —;.

SweetPower Korea index update

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this is so cute <3

Jiyoung’s profile at Sweet Power International website.

I did not know our giant baby likes boxing O.o

Hara &amp; Youngji holding hands?

Hara & Youngji holding hands?

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